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Organisation Heijmans

The activities of Heijmans in the field of Living, Working and Connecting are organised within four business areas: Property Development, Residential Building, Non-Residential, Infra.

Property Development

In the Netherlands, Property Development focuses on area development of both large and smaller-scale projects in urban and out-of-town areas, and acts as an initiator, developer and seller of mainly residential properties. This is carried out by the property development business, which consists of four locations with one central management. High-level knowledge of area development is bundled in one area development organisation in which accounts of large customers are incorporated, meaning that we can benefit from both new-build contracts and (inner-city) transformation assignments.

Residential Building

The core activity of Residential Building is to build homes of different types. Activities primarily consist of new-build, although they also involve the restoration, redevelopment and renovation of existing housing stock. Maintenance and service are increasingly becoming part of this activity. Residential Building operates from three regional offices with central direction.

The integration of the Property Development and Residential Building activities results in knowledge of conceptual as well as constructional skills. This in turn produces generic living concepts, such as Heijmans One, Heijmans Huismerk and Heijmans Wenswonen, and underlying standardised work processes and cooperation with partners. This makes it possible to realise complex city centre transformation projects, as well as new serial development projects.



Non-Residential designs, realises and maintains high-quality electro-technical and mechanical installations, and realises large-scale and complex construction contracts in the customer and market segments of health care, government and semi-government organisations, commercial property, the high-tech clean industry (such as laboratories) and datacentres. Our unique quality is the integrated approach to construction and installation technology. Furthermore, our contracts that include long-term management, maintenance and service are increasing. A good example is the PPS project National Military Museum, which includes the realisation as well as the maintenance and management for a period of 25 years.


Infra focuses mainly on the construction, improvement and maintenance of road infrastructure and public spaces in the Netherlands; including related installations and on-site objects. This could include roads, viaducts, tunnels, locks, water treatment plants and work related to cables, pipelines and energy supply, but also technical work to make roads and public spaces safer, such as lighting, camera and referral systems are carried out by Infra.

The various in-house work disciplines of Infra enable this business area to take an integrated approach to infrastructure projects and implement them so that design, realisation, management and maintenance connect seamlessly. For the projects designed, implemented and managed by Infra, the knowledge and skills of ‘in-house’ specialists and departments are employed, such as: engineering services, asset management, prestressing and displacement techniques, drilling techniques, foundation engineering, road specialists and soil specialists.

The Infra business area was created through the merger of two business units: Heijmans Wegen and Heijmans Civiel. Various activities take place under these legal business names.

Approximately 4,700 employees work on a daily basis from these business areas on the spatial planning of the Netherlands. More than 99% of these employees are covered by a collective agreement, of which approximately 70% by the Collective Agreement for the Building Industry & Infrastructure and approximately 30% by the Collective Agreement for Metal and Technology.